Print Advertising

Advertise with Confidence: Reach Thousands of Readers with Our Print Publications

Are you looking for an effective way to promote your business or event in the Highland Lakes area? Our print publications, The Picayune, 101 Fun Things To Do in the Highland Lakes, and our special publications offer you the perfect platform to reach tens of thousands of engaged readers every month. With our extensive distribution network and community support, your advertising message will make a lasting impact.

Connecting with the Community: Original Local News, Events, and Entertainment

One of the things that sets our publications apart is their deep connection to the local community. Unlike other publications, The Picayune and 101 Fun Things To Do in the Highland Lakes Magazine are not just sources of news and entertainment; they have become cherished companions for residents and visitors alike. Every month, we bring you original and positive stories that celebrate the spirit and vibrancy of the Highland Lakes area. It’s not uncommon for our audience to read the magazine from cover to cover and keep each issue to read again, cherishing the stories and information within. This deep engagement provides a unique opportunity for advertisers, marketers, and PR professionals to connect with a receptive and attentive audience.

Wide Distribution for Maximum Exposure

Our publications are distributed through multiple channels to ensure broad coverage. The Post Office and racks help us reach homes across Burnet, Llano, and Blanco Counties. Additionally, local pickup points at rack inside and outside businesses throughout the area make it convenient for readers to access our magazines. This extensive distribution network guarantees that your advertisement will be seen by a diverse and engaged audience.

Magazine Details: Size, Columns, and Content

Our magazines are designed with readability and visual appeal. The typical magazine page size is 8.5” x 11” for easy browsing and enjoyment. Each issue consists glossy full-color pages featuring local people, local events and other sections covering a wide range of topics. We take pride in offering a balanced mix of content that keeps readers coming back for more.

Unleash Your Advertising Potential

Now that you understand the power and influence of our print publications, it’s time to consider how they can benefit your advertising, marketing, or public relations campaign. By partnering with Victory Media, you gain access to a dedicated and enthusiastic readership that eagerly awaits the release of each new issue. Your message will be showcased alongside high-quality content that captures the essence of the Highland Lakes area.

Ad Space Design

We offer free ad design & advice! Change your ad design whenever. Our designers will
create an ad used in another publication or online or a unique ad for your business.

Contact us for a custom quote on other ad sizes & schedules!

Ad Space Reservation Deadlines

All ad graphics and information must be submitted 7 days prior to the publication date. Please reference our Publication Dates & Deadlines or contact a sales representative for more details.

Special Editions

Unlock the power of special editions with The Picayune Magazine! Our exclusive lineup of special editions is designed to showcase your business in highly targeted and impactful ways throughout the year. Each edition offers unique opportunities to connect with your audience and maximize your brand’s visibility.

First up, we have the eagerly awaited Best of Edition – LLU. This edition celebrates the very best that our vibrant community has to offer. Showcasing businesses the Locals have declared their love for across various categories, this edition is your chance to shine and be recognized as a trusted provider of exceptional products or services. Capture the attention of discerning customers looking for the best of the best.

Don’t miss out on the eagerly awaited Christmas Lights Guide, publishing in November. This special edition is the go-to resource for readers seeking the most captivating and festive holiday light displays. If you are selected, you will have an opportunity to advertise in this edition, you’ll position your business as a must-visit destination during the holiday season, attracting customers actively seeking your products or services.

Come May, our Grad Tab edition takes center stage. As students embark on their next chapter, this edition is dedicated to celebrating their achievements and guiding them towards valuable resources. By advertising in this edition, you’ll reach a captive audience of graduates and their families, positioning your business as the go-to destination for their post-graduation needs.

In March, get ready to enhance homes across the community with our Home Improvement Pages. This edition is dedicated to home-related things, offering readers inspiration, ideas, and connections to trusted professionals. Position your business as an expert in the home improvement industry and tap into a market shopping for your services.

The Picayune Magazine offers a range of other special sections throughout the year. For pricing and publication dates, please refer to our Publication Dates & Deadlines page.