Marble Falls Education Foundation

Marble Falls Education Foundation

Started in 2017 as a vision of MFISD Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen. Executive Director Pam
Parkman and her staff nurture community partnerships, manage a teacher grant program,
and grow numerous scholarships offered to MFISD students. Victory Media Marketing Marketing
was hired to achieve the following.


  • Optimize Online User Experience by stakeholder
  • Develop an on-going content plan organized by programs and events
  • Upgrade individual program branding, logos, document styles
  • Re-image and reorganize website,

The plan devised and implemented by VMM in consultation with MFEF includes:

Marketing & Advertising

Developed and organized content plan by stakeholder

  • Parents – Support & Educate
  • Students – Support & Educate + Apply
  • Teacher – Support & Apply + Donate
  • Community – Educate & Donate

Developed Social Media Strategy

  • Developed a social posting strategy for MFEF overall and specifically for the new College and Career Program. Discussed best practices and determined which social platforms to
    create profiles

Training focused on creating a manageable posting and sharing scheduled to meet marketing goals

  • Advised regarding posting software and importance of optimizing for each platform, i.e.,
  • Instagram being image heavy and twitter with restricted characters in each post

Managed and advised on advertising campaign

  • First community fundraiser effort – Wine, Women, and Shoes
  • Bartered available space in local media as donation for ticket sales and follow-up thank you marketing
  • Organized print, online, and radio messaging


  • Created style book for more cohesive branding
  • Designed brochures for Student Scholarships for parents/students at scholarship events
  • Designed individual program packets branded for an overall design cohesion

Web Development

  • Reorganized and upgraded website to optimize user experience
  • Refined existing content
  • Created new pages to showcase new and expanding programs, College and Career Advising program
  • Reorganized student and parent resources
  • Added a community partner path to illustrate partnership benefits
  • Developed an intuitive donation pat